TurnKey Hospital

Turn Key Hospital

Health Masters Plan

  • Project definition and goals set-up
  • Stakeholders identification and governance definition
  • Medical, technical, logistics and capacity programs
  • Human resources program
  • Preliminary list of equipment

Feasibility Studies and Technical Proposals

  • Development Assessment – Land and Property
  • Site Planning and Code Review
  • Environmental Permitting and Land Use
  • Water, Sewage and Neighborhood Impact Analysis
  • Geotechnical Analysis and Land Survey
  • Environmental Study and Report

Financial Engineering

  • Development of Quantitative Models
  • Research And Risk Analysis
  • Development of Financial Strategies
  • Structuring Compensation Plans
  • Financial Analysis of New Services
  • Preparing Quantitative Risk Models

Building and Civil Work International

  • Overseeing Design and Construction Process
  • Preparing and Managing Overall Civil Works
  • Procurement of Furnished equipment
  • Development of New Concept of Operations
  • Integration of Technology during Construction
  • Overseeing Building Standards and Certifications

Installation and Commissioning

  • Supervisioning of Installation Site
  • Conducting Site Survey for MEP, Fixtures and Utilities
  • Ensuring Correct Adaptation of Equipment
  • Maximizing Building Performance
  • Sustainable Design and Construction Processes
  • Roadmap for Performance Improvement Measures
  • Optimizing Delivery of the Project

Technical Training

  • Training for Hospital Staff
  • Simulator Training and On-Site Training
  • Hands-on Technical Service Training
  • Operating and Maintaining Hospital Equipment
  • Preventive Maintenance and Safety Inspection

Maintenance and Warranty

  • Installing, Testing, and Repairing a variety of Multi-Vendor Equipment
  • On-Site Coverage Policy for Equipment Maintenance
  • Routine and Preventive Maintenance on Medical Equipment
  • Warranty and Return Services for All Costly Devices
  • Financial Policy for New Equipment Purchase

Human Resources and Procedures

  • Assistance with Medical Staff Hiring
  • Management in General HR Policies
  • Optimizing Background Verification Process
  • Assistance with Compensation, Pension and Insurance
  • Salary Research and Reports, Payroll and Legalities

Operations and Management

  • Delivering Compliant and Reliable Services
  • Clinical Asset Optimization
  • Managing Maintenance Service Contracts
  • Enhancing Clinical Engineering Department
  • Managing Multi-Vendor Contracts and Services
  • Software Maintenance and Remote Diagnostic Support