Our consultancy firm can take a failing hospital and change to profitable. Through review of current practices, we study each department and create an efficiency report. With implementation and training of new procedures with in a year you can see the transformation to SUCCESS!

 Multiple Development Review

GME will come onsite and meet with every department from Clinical Engineering, Radiology (Imaging), Facilities, IT and Security to determine what practices are used. We will complete an equipment inventory and service evaluation and create a cost saving report to be implemented at your site.

Staffing Review

GME will review staffing in each department and their skill sets. This allows us to see what further training is required. We can then adjust staffing to hospital needs.

 Contract Review

Let GME review your current contracts. We will hold them to the standards you were guaranteed; from up-time, onsite service, and phone support. If they are violating the contract we can help you either get compensated with a refund or allow you to cancel the contract with no fee penalties. We then can find you the best contract that serves your needs or provide staff that is trained to support this equipment.

Technology Review

GME will look at what your site currently has from EMR (electronic medical records) to cabling, and security systems to make sure you are prepared for the future. We can also provide Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) on your medical equipment. AI and ML helps in predictive failures which allows Medzon to improve up-time on equipment. It also monitors staff use on equipment to help generate more services that can be implemented. With RTLS (real time location system) GME can help reduce cost in purchasing and renting unnecessary equipment through device tracking.